No Longer in Limbo!

***WARNING: Graphic pictures at the end of this blog post***

I’m now almost one week post-hysterectomy! Surgery was uneventful, but my doctor did find a dark spot on the top of my uterus that she thinks is endometriosis. (She gave me some REALLY cool before & after pictures of my surgery!!!) The pathologist told my doctor that I did indeed have placenta accreta, which was the cause for my hemorrhage a few weeks postpartum. There was deep scarring in the uterine muscle where Viola’s placenta had been, which my OB told me would have put me at serious risk of another hemorrhage next time I got a period, or if I got pregnant again could have been very dangerous. The most effective treatment for placenta accreta is hysterectomy, so it looks like we made the right decision. My uterus was stuck to my bladder so it took them some extra time to separate them, and fortunately I sustained no bladder damage. I got to keep my ovaries so I won’t be going through menopause early or anything. Surgery took about 4 hours altogether. As far as the potential endometriosis she found, THAT would certainly explain a lot of the pain and symptoms I’ve had for the last several years, but we’re waiting to hear back from the pathologist on that one.

Physically, my recovery has been exhausting so far. I feel weak and tired for most of the day, but that’s normal. My appetite has almost disappeared entirely and so I’m losing some more weight. Can’t wait to get back to normal soon. The only pain I’ve experienced has been nerve pain in my legs and hips, but Aleve keeps that in check really well. Breastfeeding is more energy-draining for me than usual, but I’m sure it will pass.

Emotionally, I couldn’t feel better! It’s like an enormous weight has been lifted from my back. I’m ecstatic about the fact that I will never have another period or menstrual cramp and I’ll never have to worry about birth control again! I’m no longer waiting in limbo for this whole ordeal to be over…now I can finally focus on recovering and getting healthy. My goal this year is to finally run a marathon. As soon as my doctor clears me for exercise I’ll be diving right in and begin training!

So now begins MY new year, and the beginning of the rest of my life. :)

And now, some pictures of my surgery. Look away now if you are squeamish. My friends and I thought these pictures were really cool and fascinating, so enjoy!

First, a view of the top (fundus) of my uterus, right before it was removed. That dark splotch surrounded by veins is what my OB believes to be endometriosis.


Here is a view of the same spot where my uterus USED to be. All that scarring is where the doctors cauterized tissue to prevent bleeding. On both sides are my ovaries.


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